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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Top Free Agents '10

A pretty average free agent class could drive up prices on some of the high end talents this season. With a few teams changing from buyers to sellers it will also be interesting to see what teams are willing to give up a first round pick for some of these type A guys.


Lonnie Hammonds - with a career ERA sub 3 it will be tough to find a more established pitcher on the market. However, at age 39 even a 2 year contract, which he is said to be looking for, will be somewhat of a gamble.

Status: Type A
Previous Contract: Cincinnati Flying Pigs $5.8 Million
New Contract: Texas Justice 3 years $37.3 million

Victor Aven - This very durable 29 year old will be a commodity in this free agent pitching crop. He has above average skills and with 100+ innings out of the bullpen the last 4 season he should get top dollar in this market.

Status : Type A
Previous Contract: Little Rock Anti-Clinton's $7 Million
New Contract: Boston Brave Warriors 5 Years $51 Million

Sam Romano - One of the top starters to enter free agency, which is not saying much. Still Sam has a good track record of giving consistent innings and giving his team a chance to win. At 34 he will be looking for one of if not his last turn at free agency.

Status : Type A
Previous Contract: Vancouver Columbiananas

New Contract: Kansas City Knights 5 Years $43.4 Million

Stuart Ramirez - Another aging starter will get strong looks from clubs as the pitching market is scarce. Stuart proved Last season he can provide solid innings to a teams rotation. With 2 Cy Young's in his trophy case this might be his last go around.

Status: None
Previous Contract: Little Rock Anti-Clinton's $7.8 Million
New Contract: Little Rock Anti-Clinton's 2 years $11 Million

Sam Jackson - Sam Jackson is an intriguing starter who reached the 100 win Plateau last season. Sam has well bellow average velocity that has been questioned since his minor league days. Scouts also give Sam trouble for his inability to go deeper into games. However, He has got it done in the past and we should see him help set market value for this years pitching crop.

Status : Type A
Previous Contract: New York Cosa Nostra $5.8 Million
New Contract: Baltimore Beatdown 5 Years $60 Million

Positon Players

Placido Armas - Placido's SS days may be in the past but last years silver slugger at the position will fetch top dollar this winter. Placido very consistently has 30 HR's and a .300 AVG that should go along way towards getting him a lucrative offer.

Status: Type A
Previous Contract: Tacoma Rain $7.9 million
New Contract: Santa Cruz Is Coming to Town 5 years $41.4 Million

Vernon Hubbell -This Righty is sure to get paid this off season after a career year at the dish where he drove in 115 on 41 HR's. Probably a smaller market for a LF/1B/DH type.

Status: Type A
Previous Contract: Little Rock Anti-Clinton's $8.3 Million
New Contract: Portland Plague 3 Years $23.4 Million

Fred Little - A very interesting free agent Fred Little will get a lot of attention this off season as a multi tool guy who could find a home at CF or 2B. A good portion of his attractiveness comes from the fact he has found his way to the free agent market at just 24 years old and only 1 ML year.

Status: None
Previous Contract: Toronto and the Lone Ranger $ League Min.

New Contract: Houston Hot Stars 5 years $46 Million

Ramon Suzuki - 26 year old right handed hitter saw his batting average drop to a pedestrian .221. But their is no question this guy can hit. he has 30 HR's in each of the past 4 seasons and approached 700 AB in each of those years. Maybe less would be more for Ramon but the AVG is going to hurt his value this winter.

Status: None
Previous Contract: Oklahoma City 89ers $1.8 Million

New Contract: Charlotte Blue Devils 3 years $17.9 Million

Erik Maroth - At the age of 28 Maroth already has 2 gold glove awards for his center field work. His abilities in the field are unmatched and while he will not awe you with big numbers at the plate a .735 OPS last year was respectable. plan for 100 strikeouts from this guy though.

Status: None
Previous Contract: Wichita WINNERS $6.7 Million

New Contract: Chicago Fish Tacos 2 years $13 Million