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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Santa Cruz Is Coming to Town

(1.) ML starting C
(2.) ML relief pitchers
(3.) 4th outfielder
(4.) Bench player


(1.) Prospects

The Santa Cruz News Station reports that btkantz is looking to trade some of the Minor League depth for some big league talent. "We do have depth in the Minor Leagues and in the Majors that we could use to address needs," says the Santa Cruz GM. When the Santa Cruz News Station asked btkantz about his chances for winning this season, he said, "The Coming to Town had a breakout season 2 years ago and are coming off a disappointing effort in season 11." Santa Cruz finished in first in season 10 with a record of 102-60. However, they finished in third in season 11 with 85 wins and 77 loses. We all expect Santa Cruz to fight for first place this season, and what we might be "looking at (is) the start of a Dynasty!"


(1.) Try to trade for Colorado Catcher, Charles Shinjo, who has a total of 285 home runs. Santa Cruz could also sign Sam Liverman for a cheap price if they cannot aquire a big time catcher.

(2.) Sign as many possible RP this off season as they can, or trade minor leaguers for some ML talent.

(3.) A good spot to pick up a fourth outfielder is through the Rule V. Btkantz could possibly pick up a speedy, gold glove type prospect through the Rule V at a cheap price- a few hundred grand and a spot on the 40 man roster.

(4.) Sign Brain Walker for a few million dollars as great pinch hitter.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toronto and the Lone Ranger

(1.) ML Starters
(2.) ML Relievers

(1.) ML 2B Al Spencer
(2.) ML 3B Albert Mercado

The Lonely Ranger Paper tells us that Toronto could use some solid pitchers and is willing to deal some of their starting infield in order to get some.
"I could possibly trade my starting 2B and 3B since I have prospects in the minors that might be ready," says Toronto GM wylie715.

(1.) Led by Ralph Mora, Toronto's staff is looking pretty good for the first few pitchers. If Toronto is able to sign one SP in the off season and trade Mercado and Spencer for a #2 or #3 SP and a reliever, the Lone Ranger are looking pretty good in season 12.
(2.) Toronto has to get at least one great reliever. Their leading saves man, Ramon Chong, had 18 saves but also had a 6.89 ERA, will not be able to get the job done to get Toronto into the playoffs. I recommend getting a SP in the Rule V and trading Spencer and Mercado for a great closer that the Lone Ranger can depend on.

Louisville Sluggers

(1.) Long Relief Pitcher
(2.) Hitters

(1.) Closer Cory Davidson

Sluggers' Magazine told us what rod33 was looking for specifically. Rod33 explains in a few simple words, "Contract cost cannot exceed Davidson's (closer Corey Davidson) contract." Davidson's contract for this year is at 2.4 million dollars.

(1.) Needs to upgrade hitting pretty much everywhere, except for a few exceptions. Most likely rod33 will have to trade quality for quantity.
(2.) As rod33 told us, he needs a reliever that can come in early in the game if his starter gets into trouble to pitch a few innings. One possibility may be Todd Plant, Darrel Waters, Frank Ledee, or Harvey Cardona. Anyone of these guys could be either a great fit or a terrible fit for Louisville. However, it's all up to rod33 to make the move and to hit that submit button.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Colorado Deadbeats

(1.) Needs pitchers. Most likely ground ball pitchers would be the best fit in Coors Field.
(2.) Possibly 3B, if Nap Manning can't handle the ML spotlight.

(1.) Several C/DH/1B type players, such as Charles Shinjo.
(2.) Very talented pitchers, such as Jay Ross, Adam Cota, and Willie Vega, who can't handle the hitter friendly park.
(3.) Few hitters in their late 20s and low thirties such as LF Hank Lange, 2B Paul Osborne, and CF Royce Levis.

The Deadbeats Team Newspaper explains how Colorado is desperate for solid and dependable pitchers who can handle the unrealistic hitting at Coors Field.
Unclejmd57 explains, "As far as the off season needs, I need pitchers who can handle pitching in my park." Last season, Colorado had the second worse team ERA at 6.53!

(1.) Colorado has to go after a couple of pitchers this off season. The best fit would probably have to be Mack HitchCock, who played in Colorado in season 7. He went 10 and 6 with a 4.40 ERA. Another pitcher who may work would be FA Jesus Diaz, who has an amazing 99 ground ball tendency. However, his great splits of 82 and 84 are not as useful because of his 45 control. Although Diaz is a gamble, expect him to really help this team out with his solid pitches and ground balls.
(2.) The Deadbeats may also try to make some moves for pitching. One possibility could be San Antonio Sentinal Junior Tavarez.
(3.) Colorado may use some of its hitters as trading chips along with their good pitchers to acquire the perfect pitchers to fit their park.
(4.) Hank Lange may also be Dealt to teams such as the Dover DBagers, Philadelphia Pirates, and possibly the Cincinnati Flying Pigs if Andres Garrido can't come through in the bigs.

Charlotte Blue Devils

(1.) One SP that has #2-#4 potential
(2.) Upgrade at 1B that can hit both righties and lefties

(1.) ML 1B Davey Hollins may be dealt during the regular season.

Charlotte Sports Radio Show tells its listeners what the Blue Devils must do to come out on top of this tough NL East division.
They explain how all they may really need is a middle of the staff SP and possibly an upgrade at 1B. "Would be open to dealing Davey Hollins for a better vsL 1B or SP," says Charlotte GM, nymetman.

(1.) Look for Charlotte to swap 1Bs with their divisonal rivals, the Pirates, for Davey Hollins and possibly a pitcher or take on salary for switch hitting 1B Domingo Mairena.
(2.) The Blue Devils may consider going after one of the SPs in the Free Agency to help compete in the NL East. Some possibilities might be Ruben Trevino or Henry Whiten who are asking for 5.4 million and 5.6 million. I have a feeling both of them could go as high as 8.5 million.

Cleveland Elite Senators II

(1.) SP(s) at ML level
(2.) RP(s) at ML level

(1.) Depending on the right player or combination of players, anyone is available for trade.

According to Cleveland Baseball News, "Cleveland is looking to improve to advance father in the playoff rounds, and will address their post-season anemic offense and timely clutch pitching."

With Cleveland's season looking bright with a solid staff lead by season 7's first overall pick, Moose Hackman, a few more pitchers would put them over the top. When Cleveland Baseball News asked Cleveland's general manger, foxspor54, about what to expect this season, he said, "An exciting year with the MOOSE dominating and hopefully leading the guys into the post season." Look for Cleveland's general manger, foxspor54, to make some serious moves this off season.

(1.) While waiting on Cleveland's speedy first round pick of season 10, Darryl Thomas, foxspor54 should look to sign a solid OF, such as ex-Philadelphia Pirate Earl Donovan for two years until Thomas can come up and take over for the aging hit machine.
(2.) If Donovan goes too high in Free Agency, Cleveland should look to pick someone up either in the Rule V or the the waiver wire that can platoon in Left or Right Field.


(1.) Any type of Big Time Bat
(2.) low level SP
(3.) few RP(s)
(4.) few prospects of any position or type.

(1.) Low level players

Wichita Local News reports Commishcawlz main need in season 12's off season:

"im def going for a Big time BAT, not sure which position yet..." Unfortunately, we are unable to inform our listeners and readers on who this "Big time BAT" is yet, but I think we will all find out soon enough...

(1.) Sign Howard McCorley to play 3B where Wichita is most weak because of all of their injuries. Howard's great defense at third, solid hitting, and a nice health at 91 could help Commishcawlz get deep into the playoffs.
(2.) Draft a good RP in the first round of this year's draft, then draft the best hitter on the board in the second round with good health. This guy would most likely play 1B, COF, or if a good enough hitter, DH. This hitter would have to have a reliable health, where he could play every day in the near future.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome New Owners to Season 12

Long Haul R Us would like to introduce the new kids to join us in season 12! Welcome cro3147, bobkordecki, pedroia, r7gordon, and welcoming back from season 10...jstnklly! Good luck this season guys and lets all hope we can get commish to stop using all CAPS!