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All spots filled! Start of Season 13

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Possible Free Agent Class of Season 13- Geronimo Rijo

3.) Geronimo Rijo
Rijo is a one time all star, but has ratings and stats of an ace. Last season Rijo went 10 and 9 with an OAV of .207 and an ERA of 2.91! His last two seasons have been great and this upcoming season could be his best. So the real question is, do you want Rijo on your team, or do you want to be facing him?

Possible Teams:
1.) Montreal Maniac- Montreal has an average staff, along with a better bullpen. If they were to get Rijo, Montreal could see their record go up by 15 wins! The good think about Montreal is that they have plenty of cap room and could sign another guy like Jay Ross or even Cecil Magnante.
2.) Open Franchise (Kansas City Last Year)- Could be a good fit here because Rijo could go for under ten million easy.
3.) Colorado Deadbeats- Could use Rijo, but might be a little gamble. If Colorado was to sign him, he might be used as a trading chip.

Best Fit- Montreal would be the best fit for Rijo. This offseason could be huge for Montreal who could acquire three pitchers.

Possible Free Agent Class of Season 13- Clarence Kolb

2.) Clarence Kolb
Possibly the best closer in Long Haul R Us, Kolb and his old owner less organization are trying to work out some sort of deal. Long Haul R Us Magazine explained that Kolb will most likely test free agency as he is expected to make close to 15 million dollars a season. As of how many years he could get is still unclear. Kolb currently has 300 saves and has a career ERA of 3.48. Kolb also could pitch close to 200 innings if used correctly due to his durability of 90 and stamina of 39. The one time Cy Young winner could be the most expensive free agent if pitching is needed that much.

Possible Teams:
1.) Open Franchise (Kansas City Last year)- This teams was 37 for 62 in save opportunities last season and currently has one solid young pitcher. This team's payroll is a little high, but if they make some room, Kolb could get a lot of innings here.
2.) Boise Barnstormers- Winner of last years Under Dog's Food Bowl, this team could use a lot of pitching, especially in the bullpen. Kolb who can pitch way over 100 innings would help this team out a lot. Only problem is, I don't know how much Kolb's presence would actually help this team.
3.) Salem Saints- This team already has a pretty decent closer, Ted Crosby. However, Crosby is a huge gamble with a control of 19. In the closer roll, you need someone you can depend on. If Salem thinks they can stick with the 27 year old, then Kolb is probably a long shot to pitch in Salem.

Best Fit- Boise could use someone like Kolb to help the reining U.D. Champs turn their organization around and Kolb is the first step. However, Kolb could go for a lot of money and I am not sure if Boise would be willing to go that high for a 33 year old.

Possible Free Agent Class of Season 13- Cecil Magnante

1.) Cecil Magnante
Three time all star and three world series rings, Cecil is one of the top SPs this off season that could go for a lot of dough. Last season, the Philadelphia Pirates tried to deal Cecil before the deadline but were unable to. The Pirates' organization did their best to keep the trade talks quiet, but word got out and Cecil became furious. When the Pirates contacted Magnante at the end of the season, he told them "I'm not signing with a team just so they can trade me for a boat load of prospects in 2 months." Cecil is a Type A free agent and is asking for a 2 year deal worth 11.6 million. Over his 12 year career, Cecil has averaged about 219 innings a season and an average record of 15 wins and 8 loses, along with a 3.73 ERA and an average of 158 strikeouts a season!

Possible Teams:
1.) Oklahoma City 89ers- One of the worst pitching teams in the league last season and with their park built for no home runs, Cecil and his high flyball tendency would be a perfect fit for the 89ers. If Cecil goes here, he could be an easy Cy Young possibility.
2.) Dover DBagers- Dover had the worst pitching possible last season and could really use an ace. Although Cecil is getting older, Dover needs a lot of pitching help.
3.) Colorado Deadbeats- No matter how good of a pitcher you are, you are always going to have a tough time playing in Colorado. Could use a little more pitching, but shouldn't go crazy.

Best Fit- If the 89ers were to sign Cecil who tends to let the ball fly, he would fit perfectly in the park and would dominate.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rookie Manager of the Year

There were a few new managers this season in Long Haul R Us and I would like to give credit to jstnklly who took over the Huntington Bullets, but also took over reigny's team. Some of you may know reigny is not one of the greatest owners in HBD. But still congratulations to him for turning the team around.
The Rookie Manager of the Year is awarded to tomjames who took over Little Rock for sonneboy2000. Sonneboy2000 was always a good owner in Long Haul, but we lost contact with him and so did the rest of the HBD community around the middle of the season. So tomjames took over the team and turned it around the best he could and did a great job. Good job tomjames and Long Haul R Us would like to thank you for helping the team!


Season 12 is about to end soon, with season 13 right around the corner. If interested to join Long Haul R Us please contact raidersfan. Write up about open teams to come shortly! Will include top prospect list, along with top stars, team strengths and weakness, possible players leaving and coming to join franchise!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wichita wins the Divisional Douchebags Cup

This years Divisional Douchebags Cup is rewarded to the Wichita WINNERS for beating the Baltimore Beatdown two out of the three games. Both of these teams have continued to argue over the past few years and battled for first place in the AL East. Wichita finished the season 95-67 and Baltimore finished 85-77. The MVP of the Divisional Docuhebags Cup goes to Henry Bush, who went 8 innings and struck out 10 while giving up only two hits and no walks in game two. The Douchebag of the DD Cup is rewarded to two different players. Wichita's CF Alberto Torcato and pitcher Ramiro Aguilar. Torcato was ejected in game two after striking out looking. Aguilar was brought into the first game in the fifth inning. On his third pitch, Kiki Chavez hit a home run down the left field line. This was also Chavez first career ML home run and most likely his last. On top of that, Aguilar came out of the game with a forearm "cramp" and was unable to pitch. And Montreal will win the World Series next year. Okay! Both of these players can cry me a river. Once again, congratulations to commishcawlz and the WINNERS for winning the Divisional Douchebags Cup. Good luck next year Baltimore!

Boise Wins the Under Dog's Food Bowl

Congratulations to the Boise Barnstormers for winning this years Under Dog's Food Bowl! Boise, with the help of their solid staff, was able to sweep the Montreal Maniac in a three game series. Congratulations also for not being the worse team in the league! And sorry Montreal for probably being the worse team in the whole entire league. At least both teams will get a solid pick! The MVP of the Under Dog's Food Bowl goes to Norberto Park, who went 4 for 9 in two games and hit 3 home runs and drove in nine. The Dog of the Food Bowl goes to the Maniac's starters who pitched a total of 11.1 innings in three games and gave up a total of 16 runs! Congratulations to these two teams for getting a good draft pick next year and... that's it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Game two of the Under Dog's Food Bowl

In game two, the Boise Barnstormers defeated the Montreal Maniac 5-2. Boise's Pedro Gomez was rewarded the win and went five innings and gave up two runs. Harry Forrest was rewarded his 18th save of the year. Norberto Park hit his 27th home run, going one for four with a walk. On the other side, Stretch Kendall earned his 11th loss of the year going five innings and giving up four runs.
Up until the the sixth inning, it looked as if Montreal would be able to squeeze in a win. However, Kendall ran out of gas and fell apart, giving up three runs. On a bright side, Montreal's bullpen looked solid going four innings and giving up only one run. Once again, Norberto Park was the player of the game.
In tonight's game, Cristobal Castro looks to take the mound against Maniac's Farmer Houston. Houston is one of the best pitchers the Maniacs have. Houston is 11-14 with an era of 4.81.
PREDICTION: Because Montreal's bullpen has been doing pretty well and the starter is better than the first two, Montreal wins.
Final Score: 2-3

Game one of the Under Dog's Food Bowl

In game one, the Boise Barnstormers crushed the Montreal Maniac 20-1. One of Boise's top pitchers Ruben Trevino was rewarded the win, going six innings and giving up one run. Long relief pitcher Trevor Jefferson was rewarded the save going three innings and striking out one. The player of the game was Norberto Park, who hit two home runs and drove in eight! Park also leads the team in home runs (26) and runs batted in (107).
The pitcher that was able to pitch this batting practice was scrub Benito Mercedes. Fresh from the minors, Mercedes is 1-2 with an era of 9.69. Mercedes was able to go 2.2 innings, giving up 7 runs and 2 home runs. Mercedes was rewarded the loss.
Not all looks bad for the Maniac as stud 2B Darrell Caufield looks to fight for the rights of not being the worse team in the whole world! Kurt Hawkins takes the mound this afternoon against solid pitcher Pedro Gomez. Although neither pitcher has anything special, expect a pitcher's duel due to the fact that either team can hit.
PREDICTION: Win goes to Boise late in the game due to the fact that the top of Boise's order is pretty solid and the Maniac have only good hitter.
Final Score: 4-1