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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

San Antonio Sentinals

The Sentinals have undergone a dramatic change, no I am not leaving, nor have I been replaced (at least not yet). But we moved. Sante Fe was shocked when they discovered that their dreadful, but beloved, Sentinals announced plans to move this past off-season.

The San Antonio City Officials provided something to the Ball Club something that Sante Fe just couldn't, a ball park where the pitchers actually have a chance to complete some games and turn in decent performances.

As an owner I have done a Horrible Job with the franchise. I am in a serious rebuild, after producing an 84 win Season 1 I failed to budget correctly for season 2, as a result my pitching staff got destroyed and it resulted in a 20 win Season 2. I was able to improve to 62 wins in Season 3, and 70 wins in Season 4, so we are headed in the right direction hopefully.

A look at our draft history shows some good, some bad, and some ugly. We were blessed with the #2 pick in season 1 and turned that into Ernie Perry.

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