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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Season 6 AL East Preview

Prediction: 1st Place + possible AL Champ
Last Season: 2nd Place (97-65 + wild card)

They didn't make any substantial off-season signings with the exception of some catching help. However, They have the leagues reigning 2-Time MVP Miguel Fernandez but gave up a TON to get him. Can he push them over the top and bring them back the division title? They retain offensive stud David Tamura who is on the decline but still a force. Their rotation is anchored by 3x All-Star Darrel Waters. I am shocked that Sam Jackson and Harry Forrest aren't in the rotation, but with possibly the majors best staff I guess you can afford it...

Prediction: 2nd in the Division
Last Season: 1st in the Division (100-62, DCS Winner)

Again, how much do you change a 100 win club? However, they have new ownership and that may help or hurt them. The gap has also closed as they didn't make any off-season moves. They have a stud closing for them in Charles Moreno, at 25 he has some great years ahead of him. Darryl Morgan anchors a solid, but not spectacular rotation. I am a big fan of their ace (in my opinion) is Raul Duran. Young SS's Chris Reid and Otis Edmonds and CF Erik Maroth are the keys to the now and the future for them.

Prediction: 3rd in the Division
Last Season: 3rd in the Division (80-82)

I hated the off-season moves. Frank Ledee is not worth the $30+ million 4 year deal her got. Nor is Louis Palmer worth his $2 million per season. $12 million in free agency should have gotten this squad more as they had a glaring need for pitching that they attempted to fill. They need their best player Sherm James to step up this season. They also lost their biggest hitter Jeff Glynn which will force them to rely more on Benito Colome and Felix Dawkins.

Prediction: 4th in the Division
Last Season: 4th in the Division (75-87)

Kevin Knight and Jack Conway are nice value signings that have an immediate positive effect on the pitching staff. But it won't be enough to move them up in the division. They need to continue building for the future and Charlie Norton (there rule v pick) may be the future of the franchise. He can be a long-term major league starter for them. Theo Griffiths also looks primed for a good season.

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