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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Puritans strike pure gold with Mateo?

In the largest IFA signing to date the Salt Lake City Puritans signed Dominican sensation Armando Mateo. Projected to be SS of average fielding ability, but with a plus plus arm, what seemed to really attract owner billhowell75 was the bat that is already near ML level. A four and half tool player, Mateo may grow in to a near .300 hitter with 25 HR power and a .375 OBP. With less than a $50 payroll the billhowell75 clearly saw the value of having a SS that you could feel good about hitting 6th despite the $26.5 million dollar price tag. With strong durability and health projections consider SS taken care of in Salt Lake City.

Asaxton065 has also been courting his SS of the future. Kiki Valentin lacks the plus arm and batting eye of Mateo and may not hit for the same average. Then again his rock solid work ethic may lead him to be ever bit the player Mateo is. For $17.5 million, the Louisville 65'ers also seem to have SS taken care of for a decade.

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