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Sunday, July 6, 2008

American League North

Minnesota 34ers:

Minnesota is probably the best team in Long Haul R us. Awstyn has won 2 World Series and is currently fighting for his third straight. With a winning team every year so far, I would not be surprised that awstyn wins it all once again.
Hitting: With the help from last years MVP and 3 times All Star Marino Moreno Minnesota has a team batting average of 281. His hitting is a big part of why he has won every year.
Pitching: Pitching is not superior, but still is good ranking at 13 in ERA for pitchers. His young staff and bullpen with keep devolving over the years and will eventually be at the top. With the help of veteran closer Stan Lewis his number 1 bullpen in the world should help him to keep winning games.
Draft Class: Obviously his draft class is not that strong since he had 32nd pick in the draft. In the first round of the draft he drafted center fielder Stu McCartney at 32. The outfielder straight out of high school is nothing special but it’s a very good fielder. With the 39th pick in the 1st round awstyn drafted the 18-year-old short stop Eric Klingenbeck with amazing hands. He is not the best hitter, but is a great fielder. Also, Stu and Eric shared the same agent, Sam Smoltz. In the second round of the draft awstyn selected Dave Ramsey. Dave has good pitches, but just doesn’t have the splits or the control to be an average pitcher in the majors. DRAFT GRADE: D

My Prediction: Once again the 34ers win a world series.
Overall Grade: A-
Future Team Grade: A

New Britain Superbas:
New Britain
Superbas is not the worst team in Long Haul, but they aren’t the best either. With almost a .500 winning percent I don’t see jsandman2003 beating the 34ers.
Hitting: Their hitting is not their weakness. With a team batting average of .281, there contact is great. The difference between Minnesota and New Britain is 46 home runs. In a few years when the second overall pick in seasons 2 draft, Mike Fassero and this years 8th overall pick, Mike Youkilis come to the bigs, New Britain will have one of the best hitting teams out there.
Pitching: One of the reasons New Britain can’t win is their 5.75 ERA. Superbas’ top three pitching prospects, Tony Costilla, Esteban Gonzalez, and Miguel Sanchez are still in the minors. Once they come up that ERA should go down. And their bullpen is ranked third (tied with the New York Monsters and the El Paso Lizards).
Draft Class: Jsandman2003 had a very good pick in the draft. With the 8th overall pick he choose Mike Youkilis, an all around shortstop that can hit, field, and get injured. Oh wait that’s not a good thing. The only down side to Mike is his projected 34 health. As long as he can stay healthy, Mike will be a very good pick. DRAFT GRADE: B-

My Prediction: New Britain will have a good team in the near future, but for now, first place is not a factor.

Overall Grade: B-
Future Team Grade: A- or A

Toronto Maple Leafs:
With help from newly acquired free agent Gary Sadler their hitting is almost perfect. But hitting isn’t everything. They have the third worst ERA in the league. In general I don’t feel their team is to bad and have a pretty good lineup and with a little work could become a better team.
Hitting: With the most homeruns in the world their hitting isn’t too shabby. Their stacked line up with power like his including 2 times All Star Jumbo Cerveza is definitely a team to be scarred to face. If they could just add a little more contact to bring that .264 average up, their line up would be solidified in my eyes.
Pitching: As I said before, they have the third highest ERA in Long Haul this season. I feel the reason for this is not so much the young pitching staff, but the bullpen. His bullpen is not the best in the world led by Hector Rincon who is not having the best seasons ever. If he could improve his bullpen he could be much better. Also Ralph Mora isn’t doing so great and I know Toronto was expecting big things from him but he is still young and still has much more devolving to do.
Draft Class: With the 9th overall pick the Maple Leafs drafted the high school shortstop Mikey Cohen. He is a good fielding short stop with a weak glove. Has good contact and great durability. He should be an All Star shortstop for their team in a few seasons. DRAFT GRADE: B-

My Prediction: Fix the bullpen and the low batting average and Toronto will be a pretty good team.

Overall Grade: C
Future Team Grade: B+

Cleveland Elite Senators II:
I’m not going to even bring up what happened in the beginning of the year, but I think we all remember it. Cleveland isn’t to bad, but they are in last place. With help from one of the best players in the league Gerald Lim his staff is looking pretty damn good. His hitting on the other hand…
Hitting: His hitting doesn’t have any real stars on the major league team except for newly acquired
Paul Terrell who has a huge contract, which I dumped even though he was having a decent year. The next best hitter is an absolute beast Rodney Grove who can’t play more than a 100 games. Besides that there isn’t really anything that good except for Albert Castillo who they drafted this year at number 14. Oh and I don’t think he should be playing shortstop, just saying.
Pitching: Their pitching staff led by
Gerald Lim, Sam Romano, and Ichiro Irabu is pretty freakin good. I think any owner would want to have them on their team. I know I would. That down side to it is that the three of them combined is costing foxspor54 31.4 million bucks a year. Still they are very good. Their bullpen isn’t so good; we will just leave it at that.
Draft Class: They had a pretty good draft this year acquiring
Albert Castillo who can be really good once he comes up; just don’t rush him. With their next pick the drafted a very good SP Kiki Rijo who could be lights out for them at the bottom of the rotation. Their second round pick pitcher, C.J. Kirwan will just be a mop up. DRAFT GRADE: B

My Prediction: They have a good team, just had a bad season. They made the playoffs three years and even came in first place in the first season. As long as foxspor54 doesn’t make any bad moves and dumps some of those useless contracts, Cleveland could once again make the playoffs.

Overall Grade: B-
Future Team Grade: (Besides this years draft which was very good, I don’t see any young good players that could make a difference in the future) C-

Prediction Standings:

1st- Minnesota 34ers
2nd- New Britain Superbas
3rd- Cleveland Elite Senators II
4th- Toronto Maple Leafs

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