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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

American League South

El Paso Lizards:
El Paso
The lizards, or the ex-Bulls are a very good team in the Long Haul. El Paso won there only World Series in the very first season of this world. Not saying anything against edric, but 7Yankees7 setup edric pretty well. Being over .500 every season so far is why El Paso will probably make the playoffs for their 4th time.
Hitting: The Lizards hitting is above average (around .280). I am not surprised since the Lizards star player Midre Manuel is a THREE TIME MVP, ROY (same year he won his first MVP), three time All Star, and three time Silver Slugger. Oh, and he can field to winning one gold glove. The best part is he's ONLY 26! Along side Nomar Welch, there hitting is pretty good.
Pitching: His young pitching is good too, led by injury prone Rudy Perez and Sandy Nilsson who has great splits against Lefty's. They also 4 time All star closer Todd Christenson to finish off the games in the 9th.
Draft Class: The Lizards drafted all pitchers in their first few rounds of the draft including future ML starter Cory Ford and the ultimate wild pitcher Junior Corcoran. DRAFT GRADE: B-

My Prediction: With the help from 7Yankees7, the Lizards just need a good pitcher and they should be getting first easy.
Overall Grade: B+
Future Team Grade: A- or A+

Texas Justice:
After Texas turned around from a bad first season, things are looking up for Justice.
Hitting: There always has to be a number one, and when it comes to hitting its Texas. Texas team batting average is over .290! Ken Wight who is the face of Texas in my opinion, is very underrated because of the fact that he hasn't won ONE award at all throughout his career. Solid outfield, beast infield, and two good platoon-type of catchers, I wouldn't be surprised if they keep up this league leading team batting average.
Pitching: Now, why would the best hitting team in the league not be one of the elite teams in the league. I'm just guessing it's their 5.46 ERA (7th worst in the league). Shame Brian Hara hasn't done what he should be doing, having a career ERA of almost 5. I think that there pitching could do much better, but that just might be me.
Draft Class: Thomas Ashby, wouldn't be my first choice as a pick, but I guess when you need a future hitting catcher, you need a future hitting catcher. I like how the picked a SP (Oscar Palmer) to help out their team. He isn't have bad also. DRAFT GRADE: C

My Prediction: Not this year, but maybe next if he gets Hara to start pitching he can really take over the South.
Overall Grade: B
Future Team Grade: B+

Oklahoma City Knights:
Oklahoma City
Pitching is great, hitting not so great.
Hitting: 7th worst in hitting and an incomplete line up- I'm not surprised. Wilson Reagan who is their best batter, isn't even having that great of a career stats wise. Need some work on their batting order.
Pitching: I'm guessing the great pitching evens out the bad hitting. But their pitching is pretty top notch with three future star SP and two veterans leading the way their staff is pretty much set. I think the Knights are relying on Gregg Coco to lead OC to 1st place.
Draft Class: Banana Ripken 18th overall? I'm not so sure I would have picked him that early, but that could just be me. James Cummings next? I don't know. DRAFT GRADE: D+ or C-

My Prediction: Getting worse and worse every season, I don't see that changing.
Overall Grade: B- (only because of the Knights rotation)
Future Team Grade: B- or B

San Antonio Sentinals:
San Antonio
Keep rebuilding, rebuilding, rebuilding... Not even going to talk about now, just the future
Hitting: Just saying they have the third worst hitting in the league. Their whole line up for the future is stacked including last years 4th overall pick David Bong and future Gold Glover Victor Rijo. Future is looking bright.
Pitching: Not great right now, but in the future...WATCH OUT! Season 1's second overall pick and future Cy young winner Ernie Perry is going to lead his team to a future championship.
Draft Class: I like what he did in the draft with picking Clay Mahoney and Freddie Williams. DRAFT GRADE: A+

My Prediction: No way is he getting first this year.
Overall Grade: D- or D
Future Team Grade: A+

Prediction Standings:
1st- El Paso Lizards
2nd- Texas Justice
3rd- Oklahoma City Knights
4th- San Antonio Sentinals

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