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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Manger of the Year (AL)

Las Vegas Venom manger, paranoid0, deserves the AL Manger of the Year Award. After not making the playoffs in season 7 and winning only, at the highest, 84 games over the past five seasons, paraniod0 was able to turn that around. In season 8 in Long Haul R Us, paraniod0 was able to bring his team back to the playoffs. However, Season 8 was very different than all the others. Paraniod0 brought the Las Vegas Venom all the way to the World Series, defending the American League Pride. Though paranoid0 lost, he still represented the American league by taking home the American League Championship and the Manger of the Year award. Congratulations paranoid0 and good luck in Season 9!

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