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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Top Free Agents '09

Type - A free agents are plentifully this season with many players trying to test the waters of free agency. It will be interesting to see which teams will go after the highly priced and older free agents at a chance to win now and which teams will opt for cheaper filler options. One thing is for sure plenty of money is going to be spent on a few coveted players.

Position Players

Midre Manuel { Former Team: Florida Manatees -- Salary: $8.3 Million}
-- With 3 MVP's Manuel is one of the biggest name on the market this year. However, After a hamstring tear kept him out of '08 it is uncertain how much this 30 year old will fetch on the open market with durability concerns.-- {New Team: Cleveland Elite Senators II Contract Terms: 4 Years $29. 3 Million}

Nomar Welch { Former Team: Florida Manatees -- Salary: $7.8 Million}

-- The record holder for runs scored enters free agency for the first time in his career and is looking for top dollar. At Age 30 patrolling center might be in the past for Nomar but he can produce at the plate and on the base paths. -- {New Team: New York Cosa Nostra Contract Terms: 5 Years $74 Million}

Walter Gabriel{Former Team: Cincinnati Flying Pigs -- Salary: $15.7 Million}

-- At 36 years old Gabriel is nearing the end of his career and is certainly out of his prime when he was a 3 time MVP. None the less it will be very interesting to see what kind of contract Gabriel receives. -- {New Team: New York Cosa Nostra Contract Terms:4 Years $4.4 Million Per}

Howard Pryce {Former Team: Las Vegas Venom -- Salary: $7.8 Million}

--Pryce is coming off back to back 40 HR seasons. He also led Las Vegas to AL pennant in '08 with 10 HR's in 20 games played. At 28 he will be a sought after 2B this winter. -- {New Team: New York Cosa Nostra Contract Terms: 5 Years $75.1 Million}

Jack O'Brien{Former Team: Houston Hot Stars-- Salary: $6.5 Million}

-- With 40+ HR power and plus defense at 2B/CF Jack 'Brien will certainly fetch top dollar. However concerns about his durability will hold teams back from giving him the mega bucks he could be looking for. -- {New Team: Cleveland Elite Senators II Contract Terms: 4 Years $8 Mill Per}


Jacque Cunningham{ Former Team: San Antonio Sentinals -- Salary: $6 Million}

-- A very consistent performer over his career Cunningham will be a commodity this free agent season. Not a lot of flash here but the potential to win 15 + games. Their is some question to the number of innings this 35 year old will be able to produce. -- {New Team: Houston Hot Stars Contract Terms: 4 Years $6.5 per}

Todd Christenson{ Former Team: Florida Manatees -- Salary: $7.5 Million}

-- Christenson is a mean closer with a unique ability to pitch almost everyday. He will need 32 saves this year to reach 300 for his career and I have to believe someone will give him the chance to close out games for their team. -- {New Team: Colorado Deadbeats Contract Terms: 3 years $17.4 Million}

Geraldo Ortiz { Former Team: New York Shea It Ain't So -- Salary: $6 Million}

--A career year last season with 15 wins 179 K's and a 3.03 ERA will help Ortiz fetch top dollar this off season. -- {New Team: Tacoma Rain Contract Terms: 5 Years $56 Million}

Jay Ross { Former Team: Charleston Rivers Dogs -- Salary: $5.9 Million}

-- One of the few SP in this free agent group who you could count on to give you 200 innings. He has had problems commanding his pitches over the years and Health concerns loom. However, as a type-B free agent he should draw a lot of interest. -- {New Team: Colorado Deadbeats Contract Terms: 4 years $6 Million per}

Stan Lewis{ Former Team: St. Louis Birdos -- Salary: $7.3 Million}

--In his prime Lewis could pitch every day a unique ability that allowed him to amass 200 innings in one season as a reliever. At 38 years old 200 innings would be a lot to ask but this righty still has it throwing 81 innings last season with a 2.76 ERA. -- {New Team: Cincinnati Flying Pigs Contract Terms: 2 Years $9.2 Million}

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