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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Huntington Bullets are looking to do some Damage

After going 68-94 last season, the Huntington Bullets and jstnklly are looking to switch that record around. This team may have just bought an extra twenty wins. The Huntington Bullets have signed a total of 4 free agents this season. The Bullets spent around 36 million dollars on free agents this season! The Bullets upgraded their staff with big signing Earl Weston (730 million dollar contract) and Howard Malone. They also upgraded their hitting with gold glove 2B Otis Edmonds.
After signing a bunch of big name players, Huntington is looking to deal some future stud prospects for ML talent. When being asked in the news conference about free agents and upgrading the team, jstnklly replied, "Anyone looking to trade vets for prospects, send me an offer. The two SPs in High-A will take a lot to get, but I have many other options. Mostly looking for ML pitching." After looking into these two SPs, we discovered that the two pitchers were Albert Perez and Henry Burns. Henry Burns was last year's first overall pick. LHRUS is very surprised to see this young phenom is on the trade block. Perez was the second overall pick two years ago. Both of these guys are great pitchers.
Right now, trade talks are sturring between the Philadelphia Pirates and the Bullets. The Pirates were trying to dump some salary and also get a young player out of it to. While the Pirates were looking to do a small trade, the Bullets were looking to change their whole franchise in one click. The Bullets offered the Pirates, Perez and Burns for season elven rookie of the year Virgil Halama and pitching prospect Louie Perry. We have no idea if this trade could be done. The Portland Thunder may also give jstnklly a call later on in the week to discuss a possible trade.

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