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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A little more thunder in Portland

After making many different moves this offseason and trying to get younger, Brisque made the biggest and possibly the best move ever in Portland's franchise's history.
Brisque was in a bidding war with many other teams over possibly the best International Free-Agent in Long Haul R Us, or any other world.
Brisque signed 18 year old Pedro Perez out of Matanzas, CU at 11:31 this morning. Perez plays RF and will most likely start off in Low A. Many scouts said Perez has good contact and batting eye, does not hit lefties so well and okay against righties, but his best rating is his power.
Many people have compared him to season one's International Free-Agent Alex Morales. The two both have great ratings, except that Alex is great against lefties and below average against righties. Since there are probably more righties in the world, I would have to say Perez could be much better than Morales and could possibly be the best hitter in the world in a few seasons.
Brisque signed Perez to a minor league contract with a signing bonus of $20 million.

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