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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

AL and NL East Season 12 Draft Review

Philadelphia Pirates
Positions of Need: SS, 3B, RP
Summary: The Pirates are a team built for today. They have a relatively young and able ML team, so the farm system is less of a concern right now, but they so have very shallow depth at SS where 28 year old ML starter Luis Ordonez is the only multi tool prospect the system has. Third Base has a more immediate concern with 30 year old Ed Serrano hold down the position, signed from Season 13 he's showing signs of his age and will start slipping even more in the future seasons. There is again no true heir to 3B in Philadelphia.
Grade: D-
Historical 1ST Round
S10 (31) 2B Max Ruiz- Defensively great with good speed, average bat. (AA)
S11 (33) SP Paul Bruce- Solid low stamina starter, (LoA)
S11 (46) Cl Tike Levis- could be a solid closer has average control.
S11 (49) LF Cody Campbell- average hitter major injury in s12
1.24 RF Clint Kouzmanoff- great contact hitter with solid speed and batting eye. He has below average splits and low makeup
1.45 2B Mark Dirks- great contact and no power. Dirks is fast and runs well. At 22 he is developed but has poor makeup how much will be improve in his limited time. Poor splits should keep him in the minors.
2.92 SS Eliezer Valdez- no bat with defense better suited for right or left field. He doesn't offer enough speed to even back his way into the majors as a replacement.
3.124 LF Andy Vasquez- Mr. Average will max out in AAA.

St. Louis Birdos
Positions of Need: SP, CF, 2B
Summary: The Birdos are in very good shape both on the farm and in the Majors. They have had solid drafts in the past, but drafting late has not allowed them to pick up a superstar. They have gathers a great supporting cast. The areas looking to improve are the Starting Pitching where they have a few veterans that they could look to replace in the future and a sure starter for 2B and CF.
Grade: A-
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (13) Luke Comer- fireballer with average splits, might be a #5 guy sometime in his career (AA)
S9 (32) SP A.J. Freel- Control issues on an otherwise solid pitcher (AA)
S10 (11) C J.P. Beltre- Superstar hitter, but durability issues will limit his effect to 400 abs a season (AA)
S10 (37) P Craig May UNSIGNED
S11 (26) SP Donatello Blake- UNSIGNED
S11 (60) 2B Haywood Brown- good speed, great contact average splits (LoA)
1.27 2B Carl Shannon- all contact and speed. He is not going to get many out of the park, but should steal 60+ bases a season. He is very developed for 18 and could be a factor sooner than later. He will struggle against good pitching with his middle of the road splits
1.28 RP Gregg Charles Solid reliever with3 plus pitches and good control. He has a poor durability and stamina mix, but should be overlooked for any reliever with3 good pitches.
1.42 SS Cyrus Fletcher= Defensive superstar with great speed and base running. His bat projects to be average with little power, but the rest of his interchangeable will help get him a shot
2.87 RP Carter Pillette= potential to have 3 useable pitches including a solid 4 seamer. His right hand split makes him a risk on the mount but he still has a good potential to play a role for a team.
3.100 P Mel Choo

Charlotte Blue Devils
Positions of Need: SP, RP, CF
Summary: The future Blue Devil offense is fairly set, they have good depth at Catcher, OF and 2B and should be able to translate this depth into trades to cover some of the thinning areas. Pitching is starting to become a concern for the future. They have a number of aging arms who need replacements ready down the road. A few of the relievers are already 35+ and are on the downsides of their careers.
Grade: A
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (22) Eugene Lieberthal-Solid long reliever/spot starter (AA) could be effective in a few seasons
S9 (58) RP Steven Collins- elite closer with 2 pitches (AA) 60/68 career minor League saves
S10 (24) 2B Rob Yates- light hitting speedster (HiA)
S10 (54) CF Glenn Berry- TRADED (S11) Average bat with good speed and solid D. (AAA) .300+ average in 2 AAA Season.
S10 (58) 2B D.J. Christenson- decent contact hitter with poor base running (HiA)
S11 (16) C Derrek Wilkins- .350 career average in the minors in part time action could be a star in the ML (HiA) 3 season away at most.
S11 (22) 1B Rudy Williams- Good slugging 1B he should be a solid 5 or 6 hole hitter in a few season (HiA)
S11 (40) LF Blaine Harris- power slugging OF with solid speed splits (LoA)
S11 (47) SS Dave Bates- good contact hitter with solid speed, better off at 3B (LoA)
S11 (55) LF Wayne Mordecai- speedy of with solid hitting chops, might struggle against Righties. Slow learner might never reach projections. (LoA)
S11 (66) LF Dan Eveland- All speed contact only hitter, makeup says he never develops into his projections.
1.30 P Malcolm Brown- already pretty developed for 19 he has an odd stamina where he sits between a long reliever and a starter. Good control and 4 good pitches. I like this pick at 30
1.57 LRP Preston Weaver- going to be an effective long reliever with3 plus pitches and good velocity and control. He has an average right hand split that needs to be developed to its full potential if he makes this league.
2.88 SP Bill Dunn- low splits might keep him from being a factor. He has great control which should make his pitch selection that much better.
3.120 P Lou Eiland- good 3rd round selection. Lou slid to the 3rd because he has no true defined role on the team. He's an athlete that should be able to pitch effectively in a few seasons when he gets close to his projections 3 plus pitches solid control and splits.

Burlington Beavers
Positions of Need: SS, SP, RF
Summary: Right now the Major league team works with a below average defensive SS and a rotation which is veteran by all standards. These are major concerns that they need to address in the farm for the future. In the Season 12 draft they need to get a few quality farm arms and a potential future starter at SS. They could also work the trade wire and dangle out positional depth at 2b and catcher to wrangle a few upgrades for the future.
Grade: D
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (6) 2B Ken Moss- good speed and contact, (ML) 22Sb in 400 ML AB's
S10 (5) C Pascual Santos-could be a great DH, poor Catcher ( HiA)
S11 (17) 3B Jordan Cloud- Poor Splits solid hitter good speed (LoA)
S11 (41) LF Tony Almanza- good hitter poor splits (HiA)
S11 (56) 3B Marty Christiansen- Average grind type player/ (HiA)
1.15 LF Wilfredo Andrus- average hitter with high speed and poor base running. He is going to be a frustrating player in the way his base running will neutralize his speed
2.75 RP Rocky O'Brien- below average versus right and lefties with great control. His pitch selection features a good fastball and a solid slider and changeup. His velocity is good enough to get a few strikeouts.
3.107 SP Antonio Moreno- poor left/right split but he has great stamina and good control. His pitch selection is average at best. He is going to be a huge inning eater in the minors


Baltimore Beatdown
Positions of Need: 3B, SP, CF
Summary: The Major Leagues have 2 29 year old players covering 3B, both could be upgraded upon for the future, but currently there is no depth behind them. The Starting Pitching might be an even more immediate problem as the youngest starter is already in his upper 20's. They need to find upgrades for this system now.
Grade: C-
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (12) RP Vic Williams- great control and 3 pitches average splits. Big gamble with the 12th pick (AAA)
S9 (57) RP Alexander Nelson- TRADED (11) average control and splits will limit is effectiveness in the ML (HiA)
S10 (10) RP Pat Sefcik- Elite closer with poor durability if he has elite tools everywhere else (AA)
S10 (46) SP Sherm Taylor- Solid middle rotation pitcher (HiA)
S11 (59) SP Peaches Brosius- poor splits will keep him out of the ML (HiA)
1.58 SP Mark Joseph- great stamina with good control. He has poor pitch selection and average to below average splits. He's going to be an inning eater.
2.89 RP Brian Riedling- solid reliever with 3 solid pitches and good control. He needs more durability if he wishes to be an impact in the Majors. A Durability bump would make him a great option for the Pen.
3.121 RP Michael Park- great control with average splits. He has very poor durability for a reliever. I'm not sure is future holds much above AAA.

Positions of Need: SS, RF/LF, 3B
Summary: SS Jason Merrick might be able to be shift over to cover the 3B hole that is developing, He's not suited to play Short regularly without causing major defensive woes, but a shift to 3B would benefit him and his playing time. SS still needs a future everyday fielder whose bat will not kill the lineup. Right/Left fielders should be a fairly easy pickup late in the draft and they did so with Mario Kirk.
Grade: B+
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (21) SP Chris Sanford- TRADED (S11) skilled starting pitcher very close to ML potential (AAA)
S9 (40) SP Andre Barkley TRADED (S10) could be an ace Closer or long reliever (ML)
S9 (50) P Harry Romo- Average splits on a solid long reliever (AAA)
S10 (23) CF Chance Martin- Solid speedster with good contact poor batting eye (AA)
S10 (53) LF Ed Jacquez- Average hitter good splits (AAA)
S10 (57) SP Todd Simms- below average splits 4 good pitches (AAA)
S11 (32) SP Yorvit Alarcon- Average starting pitcher, middle rotation guy (AA)
S11 (42) SS Watty Buddie- below average hitter good speed better at 3B. (R )
S11 (48) CF Cy Miller UNSIGNED
S11 (50) 2B Carl Ryan- Poor Splits with decent power and speed.
S11 (51) SS Dorian King- left hand hitting contact hitter good speed below average base running
1.25 SS Jason Merrick- Better suited for 3B, Jason has a power bat with good batting eye. He will struggle with his batting average and might bat around .260 for most of his career, but he should do so while batting 30+ home runs and drawing 75+ walks a season
1.41 CF Stump Boyd- good defensive CF with average contact ratings. He's a solid hitter against lefties. And a decent runner with good base running. Expect 20+ stolen bases, but struggles abound at the plate.
1.47 SP Grady Crawford- 5 good pitches including a great curve, nice changeup and an amazing cut fastball. He is going to get guys watching those pitches go by. He has precision control. He will struggle with major league hitting though and might never get a shot at showing those skills in the pros
1.56 P Jonathan Diaz
2.74 RP Ben Dougherty- Featuring a great Cut fastball and 3 other fallback pitches, Dougherty should find some success in the minors. He has below average control but he still might be good enough if he makes his projections to play in the majors consistently
2.85 LF Mario Kirk- fairly developed already at 19; he will be a slow learner the rest of the way, if he makes his projections you are looking at a plus hitter with 15-20 homerun power and a .270 batting average. He will strikeout a far amount.
3.102 2B Darrel Strong- Better suited for RF/LF he has good speed, but this will not make up for his average hitting and base running. He should have a solid minor league career ahead of him, but probably has no major league hope as he stands.
3.117 RP- Virgil Vincente- Low durability reliever with great right/left splits he has 3 above average pitches to work with and strikeout velocity to make them look that much better. He will make a great 1 inning closer. Poor control will be his stumbling block to the Majors.

Dover DBagers
Positions of Need: C, 3B, SS
Summary: The left side of the infield needs some major shoring up. Already the ML club has 2 rule 5 Shortstops on the roster. The DBags drafted away from needs in the 1st 3 rounds instead focusing on the best player. Tanner should be a guarantee mainstay in Dover for awhile. The Catching draft pool was very shallow but it would have been good to see them pick up a guy to fill the hole.
Grade: C+
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (45) SS Jody Jennings-good speed and solid hitting
S9 (61) P Vladimir Palmeiro UNSIGNED
S10 (19) P Otis Webb UNSIGNED
S10 (27) RP Pinky Darwin- Solid everyday reliever (AAA)
S10 (35) CF Trevor Randall Average hitter and fielder grind type player (hiA)
S10 (43) CF Ossie Barry UNSIGNED
S10 (51) RF Chad Darwin UNSIGNED
S11 (10) SS Prince Sanford- UNSIGNED
S11 (20) LF Brayan Nelson- Great hitter with solid chops (AA)
S11 (54) CL Dioner Garces- Solid reliever with 3 pitcher below average against lefties. (HiA)
1.21 SP Bruce Tanner- solid late round pick up, Tanner has 5 pitches including a lights out Knuckleball and a plus fastball. As with any Knuckleball guy he's not going to strikeout many, but he should be able to control the game very well and pitch deep into games. Should be able to get a few all-star nods in the future and be able to pull in a few sub 4 era seasons.
1.55 SP Ernest Carmona- great control and his feature pitch changeup are sick, but he will struggle with his consistency versus major league pitching. If he makes the league he will hover around a 5.50 ERA
1.60 2B Brent Roth- All defense and speed. Roth's bat is not major league caliber, but his glove and wheels project to be top of the league capable. He might make a great defensive option and if He bunts anywhere near what his projections show he might be a valuable late inning guy at the plate.
2.81 SP Quinton Douglass- has the stamina and control teams want in the major league pitcher. He lacks the ability to consistently get batters out and will find himself in a lot of trouble at times. His sinker and slider will get him out of some trouble, but still expect a 5.80 + ERA
3.113 2B Billy Barkett- weak hitter with speed but not a smart runner, His defense isn't good enough to make up for the rest of his short comings. Career minor leaguer. Might see AA consistently.

Huntington Bullets
Positions of Need: SP, CF, RP
Summary: Former #1 pick Danny Gilbert should be moved over to give 3B depth in the minors, he is not a capable SS, but would be a great 3B. CF O.T. Lincoln
Has a 4 season deal running through Season 16 he will be 35 when that deal expires, They need to fill his shoes with someone and be ready for him to decline the next few seasons. The Starting pitching could also use a few more fresh faces to up the competition and improve the ranks. Last season #1 pick Albert Perez is a good start to a future rotation, but the addition of College Pickup this season Henry Burns might even be better. This guy will be a ML star in the future. The pickup of C Ismael Acevedo in the 6th round is also I nice diamond find.
Grade: A-
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (15) SS Danny Gilbert- Could be a solid 3B with plus hitting (HiA)
S10 (13) 2B Jeff Cooney- developed fielder with a good projected bat 2-3 season away (AA)
S11 (2) SP Albert Perez- solid pitching prospect but will struggle against left handers.
1.1 SP Henry Burns- This seasons #1 is the best Pitcher in the draft and deserve the #1 pick because of it. Projects to have 2 elite pitches in his Curve and Fastball. His velocity should put him in the league leaders in strikeouts each season and best of all he will be in the majors in most likely 2 seasons with the right training and coaching.
3.93 SP York Dougherty- High Schooler who feels college is going to be a better career choice right now. At 7M in bonuses I would have to agree college is a better option. He projects to have a ML quality curve and slider but very little command of the strike zone.

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