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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AL and NL North Season 12 Draft Review


Ottawa Morissettes
Positions of Need: 2B, SP, RF
Summary: FA signee Jumbo Cerveza is signed through Season 1; Ottawa needs to find a replacement for him something they lack on the farm right now. Season 9 first rounder Billy Nixon might be a solid fill in, but he can't be counted on in full time action. The Starting pitching is young for the most part, but is at the perfect age to start to build a farm to replace them. Ramon Jiang an international pickup has been solid as a #1, but the rest of the rotation could use an upgrade. SP Steve Kelton could start to feel the effects of age and he's signed through S14. They need to have a guy to step up in his place in 2 seasons.
Grade: C
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (18) RF Guy Phillips- Light hitter with good speed- (AAA) should be ready to go next season
S9 (28) 2B Billy Nixon- average hitter not going to last long in the majors- (AA)
S9 (39) 3B Angel Gibson- has power can hit good enough against left handers, struggles against righties. (HiA)
S10 (12) SS Vic Cruz- Defensive stud with a solid bat for the bottom of the lineup. (HiA)
S11 (11) SP Gary Seay- Stamina will make him a starter with a limited pitch count maybe 90 pitches, but they should be a good 90 pitches. (LoA)
1.40 P Eric Rogers Supplemental Pick
2.71 3b - below average hitting respect with a weak glove and plotting speed. Type A Reimbursement
2.84 SS Max Morales= weak hitting prospect with a below average glove might be better off at 3B, but can play SS in the minors
3.116 2B Max Morales- can plow the ball when he gets a hold of it. Poor splits might kill his ML dreams. He does have a solid glove.

Trenton Tea Baggers
Positions of Need: CF, 2B, RF/LF
Summary: Both 2B's on the ML roster are contracted through season 13. Denny Cummings is still young and very capable of playing and being a star, but if he doesn't resign they have a huge void behind him in the minors. CF is a bigger concern with Karim Ugueto and Miguel Henriquez
splitting time each showing some strength but neither is offering an everyday solution right now.

Grade: C-
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (17) 2B Larry Moore- TRADED (12) solid runner, but poor batting splits (AAA)
S10 (25) LF Scot Cox- average hitter with decent contact, speed is negat3d by base running (AA)
S10 (38) RF J.D. Driskill- Good Power, solid hitter and runner (AAA)
S11 (13) SP Harold Lollar- might be a better long reliever, but can pitch
1.8 CF Franklin Thornton- defensively solid with great speed and Base running IQ. He has an average to below average bat. He might earn the nickname Mr. GDP with his pension to put the ball in play
1.51 Type B SS Freddie Simpkins=poor makeup makes you wonder if he will ever make his fielding projections. If he can come close he will be a slightly below average SS with some speed, he hits well enough to be a factor at the plate, and poor splits will limit the numbers of at bats he gets in his career.

Boise Barnstormers
Positions of Need: CF, 3B, RP
Summary: Boise has played all season without a multidimensional guy in CF and this is one of the reasons they sit 10 games under .500 on the season. The team is also saddled with 2 large contracts on players who are no longer able to play at their contract levels in LF Lonnie Morton and 3B Pedro Escobar. 3B is wide open in the Minors for a prospect to climb through the system. Right now it's one the team's biggest need for the future outside of CF.
Grade: B
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (24) RP Dan Fife- Durability issues have plagued is minor league stay (HiA)
S9 (59th) SP Bill Webster – Retired never pitching an inning of minor league ball (s10)
S10 (18) P Tracy Hallman- Solid Long Reliever- spent 2 seasons at Rookie ball (LoA)
S11 (12) P Melky Nunez- Good Long Reliever spot starter (R) waiting for second season of rookie ball
1.11 SP Junior Gandarilla-poor durability and average makeup are his major knocks but he does have 5 potential pitches to throw at the batters plus good splits and above average control, he might lose a start or 3 during the season, but he should offer enough on the mound that an owner can overlook those issues.
3.103 SP Al Silva- he has 5 pitches but below average control isn't great on a soft tossing pitcher, he also has average splits versus right and left and will be eaten alive in the pros as he stands.

Montreal Maniac
Positions of Need: SS, SP, 3B
Summary: Montreal has been struggling through a number of seasons of poor performances. Their scouting seems to find all the wrong players the last few seasons and mismanagement of the farm has cost the team S10 #1 pick Trevor Hull who signed in free agency in S11 with Durham. They have also made big reaches for others in the draft. Montreal is very shallow in the infield with almost no depth at Short and third base in the minors. Their starting pitching depth is equally as shallow. It would be hard to not get prospects in key position for the Maniacs.
Grade: C
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (8) RP Rick Ginter- Big Reach for a solid reliever should be in the bigs next year though (AA)
S10 (2) UNSIGNED 2B Tyler Hull- light hitting with good base stealing combos (AAA) 1 year away for Durham (signed as FA)
S11 (4) SP Charlie Burns- fireball hurler with low control (HIA) will walk many but should strikeout More.
1.2 SP Harvey Laroche-big reach for a pitcher who is comparable with the #11 pick Junior Gandarilla. Like
Junior Gandarilla he has low durability and 4 solid pitches. He does offer pinpoint perfect control and will pitch toward the top of any rotation.

2.62 RP Chris Killian-he has all the tools to be an effective relief pitcher, except above average splits. He does have 2 plus pitches and a good stamina to durability ratio. His control also his very right on.
3.94 SP Mike McDonald- here's a great 3rd round diamond; he has all the tools to be successful in the major leagues as a starter. Great splits. 3 plus pitches and good control. His stamina is fine and his durability will be an obstacle that might cost his 3 starts a season. Great pick in the 3rd though


Cincinnati Flying Pigs
Positions of Need: RP, CF, 3B
Summary: Cincinnati has been a class act in drafting. They seem to always get their guy and bring home a number of guys who fill not only needs but have a legitimate chance to make an impact in the league. Their "needs" are nowhere near what other teams need. While they could use depth at 3B they have a number of good SS's who can shift over and fill that need. They also have a number of relievers who are getting older, but Bullpen help can come in ready supply in free agency.
Grade: B+
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (46) DH Benito Mesa- Solid DH with good Power (AAA) could be playing now just not in the field
S10 (21) SP Dennis Rollins- Patience will pay off he should develop into a #1 or 2 starter in time (AA)
S10 (30) LF Harry Rivera- good eye and exceptional versus Righties (bad against left) AA not showing his speed in the minors yet.
S10 (41) 2B Clinton Mercedes- great contact but average splits hurt good speed (AA) close to potential
S10 (45) 1B Brandon Jones- good speed for a 1B but not enough bat to make it. (AA)
S11 (62) 2B Mark Freeman average hitter and runner nothing special (HiA)
S11 (68) 2B Jim Morton- left hand hitting specialist with good speed and no power (LoA)
S11 (69) LF Clark Lyons- below Average hitting (LoA) little Ml potential
1.16 C Stephen Jackson Could be the best Catcher in the draft, he is an above average hitter with a great batting eye. He calls a decent game as a catcher, but does not have a plus catcher's arms so a good base runner will be able to eat him up
2.76 RP Elroy Tanner-He has 2 ace quality pitches in his fastball and slider, both ranks among the game's best. Throw in a solid sinker and tanner obviously can pitch. His velocity will allow him to strikeout a ton of guys his control a middle of the road and might turn teams off as well as his low durability for a reliever.
3.108 2B Rex Kelly- good splits on an average hitter. Not likely to play 2B but might be an okay right/left fielder.

Cleveland Elite Senators II
Positions of Need: LF, C, 2B
Summary: The Senators are getting old. They have a number of big contracts coming off the books at season end, which would allow for new blood to invigorate the lineup, the problem is their most senior position C, LF, and 2B they don't have an adequate replacement coming up the pipe.
Grade: B
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (5) SP Don Walls- potential Ace (AAA) should see action next season
S10 (37) RF Darryl Thomas- middle of the road hitter with pop and great speed (AA)
S10 (52) 1B Antone Valentine- solid hitter (AA)
S10 (22) 3B Al Hicks- all power hitting hit 49 dingers in HiA with a 300+ average (AA)
S10 (56) 2B Gary Charles—Slappy but quick 2B (HiA)
S11 (19) SS John Dessens- Could turn into a solid SS with a decent bat. Not a superstar (HiA)
S11 (58) CF Solly Wiltse- Potentially average utility guy (AA)
S11 (67) SS Patsy Holliday-below average bat good speed (LoA)
1.23 SP Erick Perez 2 pitch ace with control and stamina that all teams look for in a starter. His velocity is top tier and should strikeout enough guys to be a league leader. His biggest drawback is lack of a true #3 or 4 pitch.
2.83 RP Vic Valdes- His poor makeup will make it difficult to make his projections. If he gets close he will have 2 good pitches with above average splits and control. Most likely he will not realize his potential and burn out in the minors or get a shot as a rule 5.
3.115 RF Wolf Howard

Chicago Fish Tacos
Positions of Need: C
Summary: One of the best put together minor league systems. They have young talent throughout the ML and farm system. This draft will be one where they could add even more depth and maybe solidify their only weakness C in the minors.
Grade: B-
Historical 1ST Round
S9 (19) CL Alexander his velocity is top tier his low durability will be an issue that affects his value. Still will be very effective when he pitches
(ML) 11.12 ERA 8/13 saves
S10 (20) SP Don Petersen- very nice potential ace (AAA) maybe 2 seasons away from potential 16-0 in HiA season 11
S11 (27) 2B Don Wilkerson UNSIGNED
1.20 RP Alex Rivera- 3 good pitches with strikeout velocity and great stamina for a reliever. He does have average durability so pitch counts will need to be monitored. At 18 he has time to develop and good makeup to make those projections. Thinking about pro hockey
1.29 SS Joe Long - projects to be a solid defensive CF with a good singles bat. He isn't going to develop power enough to be a threat. He is strongly leaning toward college. At 6M right now I would let him go. Type D
1.54 C Horacio Guerrero- projects to be a #1 hitting catcher he has some pop in his bat but should make his living with a solid batting average if he can overcome his poor makeup. At 18 he has time to develop, a patient owner with a good training budget and a solid coaching staff might get a solid prospect out of him, Type B
2.80 LF Reagan Rhodes is a middle level prospect he has some of the tools to make it such as the ability to connect with a pitch and power it out of the park, but he struggles severely against right hinders and has low makeup so he may never develop into a starter of any worth. - Possibly looking at some college ball
3.112 LF Raymond Baxter

Toronto and the Lone Ranger
Positions of Need: RP, SP, C
Summary: The Ml is in pretty good shape, but they do need to grow better farm arms. The current crop is skilled but many have stamina flaws. Other current ML Pitchers are 30+ and their heir apparent needs to be found
Grade: B-
Historical 1ST Round
Notes: traded away season 9 #1 pick P Einar Tavarez (10th overall pick) in season 10 (above average starter) Season 10 (4th) Trot Ankiel- power hitting 2B 2 years away
Season 11 (9th) 3B Joe George- light hitter with good speed and power base running
Season 11 (37th) SP Mark Robinson- AAA quality pitchers
1.17 Sp Jonathan Stephens This guy has loads of potential he projects to have ace quality splits with great velocity and awesome control. With 4 go to pitches what's not to like. He just needs to get close to those projections with his mediocre makeup. He also will be fighting low durability
1.37. RF Sean Campbell Type A
1.52 LF Damian Riggan Type B
2.70 RF Jerrod Yashian-poor hitting prospect but has good wheels and base running. He might be a solid pinch runner, but you can't expect better than a .240 hitter with 10-15 homeruns a season. Type A
2.77 RP Frank MacDougal- fell in the draft as a result of sign ability issues. A solid relief pitcher but far from elite. He is looking to be paid like he's top tier it would be a reach to give him 5M+ to sign.
3.109 2B Josh Hansen- should be slid over to 3B he's an all or nothing power slugger. He projects to be a .220 hitter with 30+ homeruns if he gets out of the minors and you can tolerate his low batting average.

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