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Thursday, June 17, 2010


32. Oklahoma City 89ers – 39-67 LW: 30 - 32nd Hitting/ 29th Pitching/ 25th Fielding
Bright Spot: Let me think on this.

31. Dover DBagers – 41-65 LW: 32 - 20th Hitting/ 32nd Pitching/ 23rd Fielding
Bright Spot: At least there no longer in the 32nd spot in the power rankings.

30. Little Rock Anti-Clintons (Americans) – 34-72 LW: 31 – 27th Hitting/ 27th Pitching/ 17th Fielding
Bright Spot: Could play for the first annual UD Bowl trophy this season. And pick a name.

29. Montreal Maniac – 42-64 LW: 29 – 31st Hitting/ 28th Pitching/ 32nd Fielding
Bright Spot: Enjoying the one week of summer in Montreal is always nice.

28. The third place team in the National League South
I know there’s another team in the National League South, I just can’t think of the name.

27. Toronto and the Lone Ranger – 44-62 LW: 26 – 23rd Hitting/ 23rd Pitching/ 24th Fielding
Bright Spot: They will always have a cool name.

26. San Diego Missions – 41-65 LW: 27 – 29th Hitting/ 16th Pitching/ 29th Fielding
Bright Spot: If they could win the close games, they would have a better record but if they could hit they would also have a better record.

25. Huntington Bullets 43-63 LW: 23 – 6th Hitting/ 30th Pitching/ 1st Fielding
Bright Spot: Scoring over 5 runs a game is always good but don’t pay attention to the pitching staff giving up almost 6 runs a game.

24. Salem Saints 44-62 LW: 25 – 13th Hitting/ 24th Pitching/ 27th Fielding
Bright Spot: A winning record against your division is always a good goal to complete but going 33-52 against everyone else isn’t a good goal to have.

23. Durham CroBulls 51-55 LW: 22 – 30th Hitting/ 19th Pitching/ 12th Fielding
I hate to say this but the 97 year old vet I talked with last week passed away. The team scoring 22 runs in 2 games was just too much for his heart to take. Good news for the old vet is that it took the team 8 more games to score 22 runs.

22. Colorado Deadbeats – 49-57 LW: 23 – 3rd Hitting/ 31st Pitching/ 15th Fielding
Bright Spot: The pitching staff showed a little improvement this week but really how much worst could the pitching staff get.

21. Boise Barnstormers 46-60 LW: 19 – 22nd Hitting/ 12th Pitching/ 8th Fielding
Bright Spot: The team has talent but they have a serious curse placed upon the team. I would be calling a priest, rabbi and the Ghostbusters to figure out something.

20. Burlington Beavers 49-57 LW: 20 – 28th Hitting/ 13th Pitching/ 14th Fielding
Bright Spot: See Above

19. Florida Manatees 53-53 LW: 18 – 12th Hitting/ 21st Pitching/ 21st Fielding
Bright Spot: Being a below average team with a winning record then a below average team with a losing record.

18. Louisville Sluggers 55-51 LW: 17 – 22nd Hitting/ 20th Pitching/ 11th Fielding
Bright Spot: Playing in a weak division is always good if you’re an average team.

17. New Orleans Knights 55-51 LW: 14 – 17th Hitting/ 18th Pitching/ 3rd Fielding
Bright Spot: Wildcard spot is within reach but Taco and Justice stand in there way.

16. Charlotte Blue Devils 52-54 LW: 12 – 21st Hitting/ 9th Pitching/ 19th Fielding
Bright Spot: In the wildcard race even as they sit 20 games out of first place.

15. Baltimore Beatdown 53-53 LW: 16 – 11th Hitting/ 14th Pitching/ 18th Fielding.
Bright Spot: They have no trouble beating down teams on the road but when you getting beat down at home, can we truly call you the Beatdowns?

14. Trenton Tea Baggers 54-52 LW: 21 – 19th Hitting/ 11th Pitching/ 2nd Fielding
You’re making it hard for me to ignore you.

13. Anaheim Los Angeles Conquistadores 56-50 – LW: 11 – 25th Hitting/ 8th Pitching/ 5th Fielding
Great efforts so for Anaheim but you’re starting to fade. To the rest of the people out there “TOLD YOU SO”.

12. Helena Emperors 54-52 LW: 9 – 10th Hitting/ 17th Pitching/ 10th Fielding
I put you in the Top Ten last week and this is how you repay me. Helena is banned from the Top Ten for the rest of the year, well unless you convince me you truly belong.

11. Cleveland Elite Senators II 59-47 – LW: 10 – 8th Hitting/ 22nd Pitching/ 22nd Fielding
I think it was Cleveland who put the losing curse on the Burlington Beavers and Boise Barnstormers. Once again I will say there is no way this team should have won this many games already.

10. Santa Cruz Is Coming to Town 59-47 LW: 15 – 15th Hitting/ 7th Pitching/ 30th Fielding
See what you can accomplish with an offense. Now let’s work on that defense of yours.

9. Texas Justice 57-49 LW: 8 – 1st Hitting/ 25th Pitching/ 31st Fielding
Bright Spot: This proves that you can win games with nothing but an offense. What happens to the Justice when the bats cool off?

8. Chicago Fish Tacos 58-48 LW: 13 – 9th Hitting/ 15th Pitching/ 4th Fielding
Bright Spot: If the season ended to day the team would be in the playoffs but the season is still happening and a lot of things can happen by the end.

7. Wichita WINNERS 60-46 LW: 6 – 18th Hitting/ 3rd Pitching/ 20th Fielding
Bright Spot: They can now take it easy the rest of the season, as the division is there’s to lose.

6. Ottawa Morissettes 66-40 LW: 7 – 16th Hitting/ 6th Pitching/ 16th Fielding
Bright Spot: It will take an act of God to stop Ottawa from winning the National League North.

5. Cincinnati Flying Pigs 67-39 LW: 5 – 4th Hitting/ 10th Pitching/ 9th Fielding
Bright Spot: The Pigs have been a Top 5 team all season but it depends on how you look at it; they haven’t moved up in the Power Rankings at all this season.

4. Tacoma Rain 66-40 LW: 3 – 7th Hitting/ 4th Pitching/ 28th Fielding
It must be nice to be on Auto Pilot and still be one of the best teams in the league.

3. St. Louis Birdos 66-40 LW: 4 – 14th Hitting/ 1st Pitching/ 13th Fielding
Bright Spot: I don’t think any team will want to face St. Louis in the playoffs, but winning it all as a Wild Card team is never easy.

2. Philadelphia Pirates 72-34 – LW: 1 – 2nd Hitting/ 5th Pitching/ 26th Fielding
It really hurts me to do this but sorry Philadelphia you are no longer the number 1 team in the league. But look at it this way, you still have the best record in the league.

1. San Antonio Sentinals 71-35 LW: 2 – 5th Hitting/ 2nd Pitching/ 6th Fielding
Ok! Ok! San Antonio I will take your seriously now. Great job into getting the number spot and hopefully you can win the World Series because I’m still picking Tacoma.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone know the Ghostbuster's number? We are willing to try about anything to break out of this funk in Boise.