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Friday, June 11, 2010

Possible Records Update

Since it is the All Star Break, I thought now would be a good time to update some possible new records.
LF Darin DePaula of the Durham CroBulls was off to a fast start this season. DePaula has stolen 50 bases and has only been caught twice! With 91 games finished, Darin is averaging a stolen base almost every other game. In order to beat Phillip Hunter's record of 106 stolen bases, DePaula would have to steal 56 more bases in 71 games, which is close to a steal a game. DePaula is on pace to steal 89 bases by the end of the season. The CroBulls are going to have to let Darin run a little bit more in order for him to break this record!
Closer of the Cleveland Elite Senators II, Marty Dyer has to put in more effort in order to beat Clarence Kolb's record of 58 saves. In 91 games, Dyer is 31 for 31 with saves. That is almost a save every three games! Dyer is on pace to have 55 saves by the end of the season. Marty has a very good chance to beat the record, but will have to continue his save streak in order to break Kolb's record!
Cincinnati Flying Pig's starting pitcher Fonzie Lewis was off to a great start going 13-5 in 91 games. Lewis is going to have to win 11 more games in 71 games in order to break the record. Lewis is currently on pace to go 23-9 this season. The current record is held by George Ramsey and Darryl Morgan with 24 wins.
Although Lewis started of the season leading the league in wins, Darryl Priest of the Tacoma Rain took the lead. Priest is currently 15-4 with an ERA of 3.03. Priest is the only player of the four to actually be on pace to beat the record- with an amazing 27 wins!

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