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All spots filled! Start of Season 13

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Possible Free Agent Class of Season 13- Geronimo Rijo

3.) Geronimo Rijo
Rijo is a one time all star, but has ratings and stats of an ace. Last season Rijo went 10 and 9 with an OAV of .207 and an ERA of 2.91! His last two seasons have been great and this upcoming season could be his best. So the real question is, do you want Rijo on your team, or do you want to be facing him?

Possible Teams:
1.) Montreal Maniac- Montreal has an average staff, along with a better bullpen. If they were to get Rijo, Montreal could see their record go up by 15 wins! The good think about Montreal is that they have plenty of cap room and could sign another guy like Jay Ross or even Cecil Magnante.
2.) Open Franchise (Kansas City Last Year)- Could be a good fit here because Rijo could go for under ten million easy.
3.) Colorado Deadbeats- Could use Rijo, but might be a little gamble. If Colorado was to sign him, he might be used as a trading chip.

Best Fit- Montreal would be the best fit for Rijo. This offseason could be huge for Montreal who could acquire three pitchers.

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