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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boise Wins the Under Dog's Food Bowl

Congratulations to the Boise Barnstormers for winning this years Under Dog's Food Bowl! Boise, with the help of their solid staff, was able to sweep the Montreal Maniac in a three game series. Congratulations also for not being the worse team in the league! And sorry Montreal for probably being the worse team in the whole entire league. At least both teams will get a solid pick! The MVP of the Under Dog's Food Bowl goes to Norberto Park, who went 4 for 9 in two games and hit 3 home runs and drove in nine. The Dog of the Food Bowl goes to the Maniac's starters who pitched a total of 11.1 innings in three games and gave up a total of 16 runs! Congratulations to these two teams for getting a good draft pick next year and... that's it.

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