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All spots filled! Start of Season 13

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Possible Free Agent Class of Season 13- Cecil Magnante

1.) Cecil Magnante
Three time all star and three world series rings, Cecil is one of the top SPs this off season that could go for a lot of dough. Last season, the Philadelphia Pirates tried to deal Cecil before the deadline but were unable to. The Pirates' organization did their best to keep the trade talks quiet, but word got out and Cecil became furious. When the Pirates contacted Magnante at the end of the season, he told them "I'm not signing with a team just so they can trade me for a boat load of prospects in 2 months." Cecil is a Type A free agent and is asking for a 2 year deal worth 11.6 million. Over his 12 year career, Cecil has averaged about 219 innings a season and an average record of 15 wins and 8 loses, along with a 3.73 ERA and an average of 158 strikeouts a season!

Possible Teams:
1.) Oklahoma City 89ers- One of the worst pitching teams in the league last season and with their park built for no home runs, Cecil and his high flyball tendency would be a perfect fit for the 89ers. If Cecil goes here, he could be an easy Cy Young possibility.
2.) Dover DBagers- Dover had the worst pitching possible last season and could really use an ace. Although Cecil is getting older, Dover needs a lot of pitching help.
3.) Colorado Deadbeats- No matter how good of a pitcher you are, you are always going to have a tough time playing in Colorado. Could use a little more pitching, but shouldn't go crazy.

Best Fit- If the 89ers were to sign Cecil who tends to let the ball fly, he would fit perfectly in the park and would dominate.

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