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Monday, July 19, 2010

Rookie Manager of the Year

There were a few new managers this season in Long Haul R Us and I would like to give credit to jstnklly who took over the Huntington Bullets, but also took over reigny's team. Some of you may know reigny is not one of the greatest owners in HBD. But still congratulations to him for turning the team around.
The Rookie Manager of the Year is awarded to tomjames who took over Little Rock for sonneboy2000. Sonneboy2000 was always a good owner in Long Haul, but we lost contact with him and so did the rest of the HBD community around the middle of the season. So tomjames took over the team and turned it around the best he could and did a great job. Good job tomjames and Long Haul R Us would like to thank you for helping the team!

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