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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Possible Free Agent Class of Season 13- Clarence Kolb

2.) Clarence Kolb
Possibly the best closer in Long Haul R Us, Kolb and his old owner less organization are trying to work out some sort of deal. Long Haul R Us Magazine explained that Kolb will most likely test free agency as he is expected to make close to 15 million dollars a season. As of how many years he could get is still unclear. Kolb currently has 300 saves and has a career ERA of 3.48. Kolb also could pitch close to 200 innings if used correctly due to his durability of 90 and stamina of 39. The one time Cy Young winner could be the most expensive free agent if pitching is needed that much.

Possible Teams:
1.) Open Franchise (Kansas City Last year)- This teams was 37 for 62 in save opportunities last season and currently has one solid young pitcher. This team's payroll is a little high, but if they make some room, Kolb could get a lot of innings here.
2.) Boise Barnstormers- Winner of last years Under Dog's Food Bowl, this team could use a lot of pitching, especially in the bullpen. Kolb who can pitch way over 100 innings would help this team out a lot. Only problem is, I don't know how much Kolb's presence would actually help this team.
3.) Salem Saints- This team already has a pretty decent closer, Ted Crosby. However, Crosby is a huge gamble with a control of 19. In the closer roll, you need someone you can depend on. If Salem thinks they can stick with the 27 year old, then Kolb is probably a long shot to pitch in Salem.

Best Fit- Boise could use someone like Kolb to help the reining U.D. Champs turn their organization around and Kolb is the first step. However, Kolb could go for a lot of money and I am not sure if Boise would be willing to go that high for a 33 year old.

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