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Monday, April 26, 2010

Cleveland Elite Senators II

(1.) SP(s) at ML level
(2.) RP(s) at ML level

(1.) Depending on the right player or combination of players, anyone is available for trade.

According to Cleveland Baseball News, "Cleveland is looking to improve to advance father in the playoff rounds, and will address their post-season anemic offense and timely clutch pitching."

With Cleveland's season looking bright with a solid staff lead by season 7's first overall pick, Moose Hackman, a few more pitchers would put them over the top. When Cleveland Baseball News asked Cleveland's general manger, foxspor54, about what to expect this season, he said, "An exciting year with the MOOSE dominating and hopefully leading the guys into the post season." Look for Cleveland's general manger, foxspor54, to make some serious moves this off season.

(1.) While waiting on Cleveland's speedy first round pick of season 10, Darryl Thomas, foxspor54 should look to sign a solid OF, such as ex-Philadelphia Pirate Earl Donovan for two years until Thomas can come up and take over for the aging hit machine.
(2.) If Donovan goes too high in Free Agency, Cleveland should look to pick someone up either in the Rule V or the the waiver wire that can platoon in Left or Right Field.

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