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Monday, April 26, 2010

Colorado Deadbeats

(1.) Needs pitchers. Most likely ground ball pitchers would be the best fit in Coors Field.
(2.) Possibly 3B, if Nap Manning can't handle the ML spotlight.

(1.) Several C/DH/1B type players, such as Charles Shinjo.
(2.) Very talented pitchers, such as Jay Ross, Adam Cota, and Willie Vega, who can't handle the hitter friendly park.
(3.) Few hitters in their late 20s and low thirties such as LF Hank Lange, 2B Paul Osborne, and CF Royce Levis.

The Deadbeats Team Newspaper explains how Colorado is desperate for solid and dependable pitchers who can handle the unrealistic hitting at Coors Field.
Unclejmd57 explains, "As far as the off season needs, I need pitchers who can handle pitching in my park." Last season, Colorado had the second worse team ERA at 6.53!

(1.) Colorado has to go after a couple of pitchers this off season. The best fit would probably have to be Mack HitchCock, who played in Colorado in season 7. He went 10 and 6 with a 4.40 ERA. Another pitcher who may work would be FA Jesus Diaz, who has an amazing 99 ground ball tendency. However, his great splits of 82 and 84 are not as useful because of his 45 control. Although Diaz is a gamble, expect him to really help this team out with his solid pitches and ground balls.
(2.) The Deadbeats may also try to make some moves for pitching. One possibility could be San Antonio Sentinal Junior Tavarez.
(3.) Colorado may use some of its hitters as trading chips along with their good pitchers to acquire the perfect pitchers to fit their park.
(4.) Hank Lange may also be Dealt to teams such as the Dover DBagers, Philadelphia Pirates, and possibly the Cincinnati Flying Pigs if Andres Garrido can't come through in the bigs.

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