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All spots filled! Start of Season 13

Monday, April 26, 2010


(1.) Any type of Big Time Bat
(2.) low level SP
(3.) few RP(s)
(4.) few prospects of any position or type.

(1.) Low level players

Wichita Local News reports Commishcawlz main need in season 12's off season:

"im def going for a Big time BAT, not sure which position yet..." Unfortunately, we are unable to inform our listeners and readers on who this "Big time BAT" is yet, but I think we will all find out soon enough...

(1.) Sign Howard McCorley to play 3B where Wichita is most weak because of all of their injuries. Howard's great defense at third, solid hitting, and a nice health at 91 could help Commishcawlz get deep into the playoffs.
(2.) Draft a good RP in the first round of this year's draft, then draft the best hitter on the board in the second round with good health. This guy would most likely play 1B, COF, or if a good enough hitter, DH. This hitter would have to have a reliable health, where he could play every day in the near future.

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