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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toronto and the Lone Ranger

(1.) ML Starters
(2.) ML Relievers

(1.) ML 2B Al Spencer
(2.) ML 3B Albert Mercado

The Lonely Ranger Paper tells us that Toronto could use some solid pitchers and is willing to deal some of their starting infield in order to get some.
"I could possibly trade my starting 2B and 3B since I have prospects in the minors that might be ready," says Toronto GM wylie715.

(1.) Led by Ralph Mora, Toronto's staff is looking pretty good for the first few pitchers. If Toronto is able to sign one SP in the off season and trade Mercado and Spencer for a #2 or #3 SP and a reliever, the Lone Ranger are looking pretty good in season 12.
(2.) Toronto has to get at least one great reliever. Their leading saves man, Ramon Chong, had 18 saves but also had a 6.89 ERA, will not be able to get the job done to get Toronto into the playoffs. I recommend getting a SP in the Rule V and trading Spencer and Mercado for a great closer that the Lone Ranger can depend on.

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