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Monday, April 26, 2010

Charlotte Blue Devils

(1.) One SP that has #2-#4 potential
(2.) Upgrade at 1B that can hit both righties and lefties

(1.) ML 1B Davey Hollins may be dealt during the regular season.

Charlotte Sports Radio Show tells its listeners what the Blue Devils must do to come out on top of this tough NL East division.
They explain how all they may really need is a middle of the staff SP and possibly an upgrade at 1B. "Would be open to dealing Davey Hollins for a better vsL 1B or SP," says Charlotte GM, nymetman.

(1.) Look for Charlotte to swap 1Bs with their divisonal rivals, the Pirates, for Davey Hollins and possibly a pitcher or take on salary for switch hitting 1B Domingo Mairena.
(2.) The Blue Devils may consider going after one of the SPs in the Free Agency to help compete in the NL East. Some possibilities might be Ruben Trevino or Henry Whiten who are asking for 5.4 million and 5.6 million. I have a feeling both of them could go as high as 8.5 million.

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