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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Santa Cruz Is Coming to Town

(1.) ML starting C
(2.) ML relief pitchers
(3.) 4th outfielder
(4.) Bench player


(1.) Prospects

The Santa Cruz News Station reports that btkantz is looking to trade some of the Minor League depth for some big league talent. "We do have depth in the Minor Leagues and in the Majors that we could use to address needs," says the Santa Cruz GM. When the Santa Cruz News Station asked btkantz about his chances for winning this season, he said, "The Coming to Town had a breakout season 2 years ago and are coming off a disappointing effort in season 11." Santa Cruz finished in first in season 10 with a record of 102-60. However, they finished in third in season 11 with 85 wins and 77 loses. We all expect Santa Cruz to fight for first place this season, and what we might be "looking at (is) the start of a Dynasty!"


(1.) Try to trade for Colorado Catcher, Charles Shinjo, who has a total of 285 home runs. Santa Cruz could also sign Sam Liverman for a cheap price if they cannot aquire a big time catcher.

(2.) Sign as many possible RP this off season as they can, or trade minor leaguers for some ML talent.

(3.) A good spot to pick up a fourth outfielder is through the Rule V. Btkantz could possibly pick up a speedy, gold glove type prospect through the Rule V at a cheap price- a few hundred grand and a spot on the 40 man roster.

(4.) Sign Brain Walker for a few million dollars as great pinch hitter.

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