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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cincinnati Signs Stud 2B

The Cincinnati Post reports that the Cincinnati Flying Pigs and Wladimir Telemaco have come to agreement on a deal. Wladimir signed a one year minor league contract, with a 14.6 million dollar signing bonus.
Unlike most International Free Agents, Telemaco is ready for the big leagues right now, and has a great chance to win Rookie of the Year. Although his fielding and durability is not very good yet, his hitting make him an easy Rookie of the Year candidate. In 24 at bats in AAA, Telemaco hit four home runs and batter .417. Since he has been called up to the bigs, he is two for ten.
When Cincinnati GM, mwhelan, was asked for his reason for signing the 21 year old 2B, he said, "I was in desperate need of another bat." Most GMs in the league tend to look for a replacement guy off the waiver wire or trade. Mwhelan, however, looked for a new face of the Flying Pigs organization. "Well we see how it works out."

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