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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Possible Rookie of the Year?

Durham CroBulls and cro3147 have a possible ROY in season 12. Twenty one year old right handed starting pitcher, Vladimir Rincon, looks like a possible candidate for Rookie of the Year- and possibly Cy Young.
So far in season 12, Rincon has pitched great in Spring Training. He has pitched 14 innings, allowing only 8 hits and one earned run! His ERA stands at 0.64 and an OAV of .163.
In season 9, ex owner, Sandleaguer, signed 18 year old Rincon to a three year big league contract, along with a cheap signing bonus of 9 million.

(1.) Young and still possibly one of the best starters in the league.
(2.) Great splits: 76 VS. lefties and 84 VS. Righties.
(3.) Good pitches and ground ball to fly ball ratio.
(4.) Still has plenty of room for growth and improvement at age 21 and a makeup of 87.

(1.) Although he should be fine to pitch every five days, he will not be able to go deep into games this season with a stamina of 70.
(2.) Low control, but nothing to worry about yet.
(3.) Very low velocity at 31. Shouldn't see that many strike outs from him.

So far in Rincon's Minor League career, he has been pretty dominate, going 29 and 11. His OAV is .197 and his WHIP is 1.03. Over 380 innings, he has struck out 386 batters, walked only 109, and has had an ERA of 2.20. His major concerns are his control, stamina, and velocity.
CONTROL: He walks a batter every 3.5 innings in the minors.
STAMINA: He has started every game in the minors so far, averaging only 5.4 innings a game.
VELOCITY: He strikes out a batter almost every inning (.98 per inning).

Although this is just a simulated game, and feelings do not come in to play in Hardball Dynasty, something that may help us to see how he might handle the stress of the big leagues is his post season career.
In season 9, Rincon pitched great, giving up no runs and only 2 hits over six innings, and also being rewarded the win. In season 10, Rincon pitched in three games, while going 16 innings (5.3 innings per game). This time he gave up 18 hits and 3 runs, winning one and losing one in the Low A playoffs. In season 11, Rincon pitched two games in AA, only averaging 5 innings per game. Unlike his other seasons, he got rocked. He gave up 14 hits and 8 earned runs, while losing one with an ERA of 7.20 in season 11 post season!

W-L: 10-8 ERA: 3.79 Innings: 150 SO: 142 BB: 33
With the second worse defense last year behind him and a below average team hitting, don't expect a CY Young this season, but ROY is definitely a possibility as long as the pressure of the Bigs isn't to much for him to handle. Watch out for this guy to win a bucket load of awards in the near future.

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