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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Possible Records?

Although it it still early in Long Haul, there are a few players that are standing out in certain stat categories.

LF Darin DePaula of the Durham CroBulls is burning up the base path this season. So far this season, DePaula is 25 for 25 in SBs. In his first full season he stole 83 bases and got caught stealing only 6 times! The single season record is 106 stolen bases, set by Phillip Hunter in season 4. Darin DePaula is on pace to steal 104 bases this season! Don't be surprised if he beats this
record as he is only hitting .266 so far this season. If he can raise his batting average close to .280, he can easily steal more than 110 bases!

Another player this season that is on pace to break a record is 22 year old closer Marty Dyer of the Cleveland Elite Senators II. The young closer is 15 for 15 with saves in only 14.2 innings! The single season record is 58 set by Clarence Kolb in season 10. Marty is on pace to get around only 42 saves if he pitches as many innings as he did his last two seasons in the bigs. Marty would have to pitch around 60 innings in order to come close to breaking Kolb's record.

The last player that is close to breaking a record this season is Fonzie Lewis of the Cincinnati Flying Pigs. The number two SP of the Flying Pigs is 8 and 0 this season. In his last two full seasons in the bigs he has won a combined 29 wins and has lost 21. In 61.1 innings, Lewis has struck out 49, while walking only 23. He also has an amazing OAV of .196! So far this season, Lewis is on pace to win 32 games! The record for most wins in a single season is 24, set by George Ramsey and Darryl Morgan. So far, Lewis is 1/3 on his way to breaking the record with only 24% of the season done!

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