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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Durham CroBulls

(1.) #1 and #2 ML SP

(1.) Everyone could be had for the right price
(2.) ML 3B Bill Santangelo

The CroBulls Radio Station reports that in order to compete this season, Durham has to acquire a couple of starting pitchers in order to win. "The Durham CroBulls are like everybody else- they need a #1 & #2 starting pitcher to compete very well," says Durham CroBulls rookie GM, cro3147.
21 year old stud staring pitcher, Vladimir Rincon, looks to lead the CroBulls this season to the playoffs for the first time since season 3! However, after Rincon, the pitching looks pretty dull and will most likely become fatigued unless they pick up a innings eater. Durham's highest stamina pitcher is Sherry Scoroposki with 78.

(1.) Has to acquire gold glove type player(s). Although his 2 possible ML 2B look good at speed and hitting, they both should be 3B. Also his ML SS, Adrian Nelson, should not be playing SS. Cro3147 should look to acquire a better 2B off the waiver wire or free agency.
(2.) Promote stud SS Brian Chang after the 20 day time period so he skips a year of arbitration. Though he has more time to grow, his fielding and hitting ratings should be good enough to make him an everyday ML SS.
(3.) Needs to have a great draft this season. Has to pick great pitchers in order to compete soon, and may have to take gambles on pitchers that may not sign.
(4.) Take his time with Roland Gosling. Will be a stud pitcher, but has to develop him correctly.

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