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Monday, May 31, 2010

A New Tradition in Long Haul?

In Long Haul, there have been many close games along with fun competition throughout the whole league. I would like to introduce two new trophies to the Long Haul R Us League!

The Under Dog's Food Bowl:

Around this time every season, everyone of Long Haul will vote for which two teams they think deserves to be in this competition. The two teams will have to be doing pretty terrible in order to be able to compete for this trophy. This trophy will be able to be won in the last series of the two teams!

The Divisional Douchebags Cup:

This Cup will also be played in the last series of the season. However, this trophy is only allowed to be won by two competitive teams. Since season 9, these two teams have battled over and over again to come in first and they are both currently tied for first place. The Divisional Douchebags Cup will be played for by Baltimore Beatdown and Wichita WINNERS! They will play for the cup on July 6 in Wichita.

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