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Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Training Not For Everyone!

Spring Training is a great way to develop prospects and to find out who deserves those few spots left on certain team's rosters. But sometimes during this great time in baseball, things can get messed for the whole season for certain teams.

With only a couple of games left in season 12's Spring Training, teams start to gear up and get ready for Opening Day! However, for the Philadelphia Pirates and the Cleveland Elite Senators II, things went terribly wrong.

During the PM game on May 6, Philadelphia Pirates backup SS Allan Carson and 3B Casey Green both were injured. The good news? Backup SS Allan Carson was only injured four games. The bad news? Newly signed stud 3B Casey Green was injured a little bit longer- 108 days to be exact. When Pirates GM, rcktchamp, was asked how he would find a replacement he said, "Fortunately I did not need him in the beginning of the season, and was only going to use him as a trading chip." Rcktchamp also told the Philadelphia Cheese Steak Newspaper that he is "going to most likely sign a few possible players to play CF and promote speed demon Trey Gibbons to the majors soon."

Even though the Pirates lucked out with their backup players being injured, the Senators weren't as lucky. Two of the Senators best prospects went down within the last few days. Stud SS Ivan Rivera was injured on a routine ground ball. He is expected to return around the 1st of June (out 74 days). Now as if that wasn't bad enough, possible future Cy Young winner Moose Hackman was injured while pitching against the Wichita WINNERS. Last year Moose went 15 and 7 with a 3.32 ERA. He will be out for 108 days and is expected to return the 12th of June.

Look for both of these two teams to possibly make some moves within the first few games of the season to get themselves back on track!

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